How to Cope with Social Isolation

As updates on the COVID-19 virus, or more commonly known as the coronavirus, continue to flood the news and dominate headlines, the importance of social isolation is continuing to be reinforced by government and health officials. Although this social distancing is necessary for the safety of everyone, being trapped indoors can cause many students and adults alike to become restless and bored, especially with the cancellation of the remainder of the school year, the cancellation of many activities and trips, and the difficulty of having to adjust to online schooling.

This unfortunate situation may seem hopeless and frustrating, but there are many ways to battle the boredom of isolation and distance. Here are some examples of ways to enjoy this time at home in the next few weeks:

1. Listen to or create music

In times of hardship, music- whether it’s pop, rap, country, hip-hop, rock, or any other genre- is often a common way to escape reality and let go of stress or negative emotions. During this time of social distancing, discover new music, listen to some of your favorite songs, or even try to create your own music.

2. Binge-watch your favorite TV shows or movies

During the school year, busy schedules, afterschool activities, and homework can take up free time and make it difficult to keep up with your favorite shows. It’s never fun to have events and activities canceled, but take advantage of this extra free time and catch up on the latest episodes of shows, or re-watch some of your favorite movies. Personally, I have been using this time away from school to catch up on two of my favorite television series, The Vampire Diaries and A Million Little Things.

3. Create artwork

Let the creativity flow through your veins as you’re sitting around your house. Draw, paint, or create any type of artwork you enjoy. Embrace the emotions that I’m sure have been surging through you because of coronavirus, and turn them into creative works of art and expression.

Many Menchville students have used this time to create wonderful works of art, and finish ongoing projects, which can be seen in the gallery at the top of this story.

4. Play games

Whether it’s playing a board game with your family or playing some of your favorite videogames, release some of the tension and stress that coronavirus has caused by playing games that you may not have had much time for before the quarantine. My family has been challenging each other’s intelligence by participating in many different trivia games and board games that we haven’t played in a few years.

“I’ve been playing Destiny 2 and a little bit of Minecraft,” Junior Anthony Cretacci commented. “It’s a good way for me to not feel bored because I’m still able to talk and hang virtually with some of my friends.”

5. Take a walk or go for a bike ride

Even though we are generally trapped inside and away from friends for social distancing, that doesn’t prevent anyone from going outside on their own. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, or ride your bike through town and enjoy the outdoors. Newport News alone has over 30 different parks, both large and small. Go explore! The outdoors allows you to escape the walls of your home and feel free and relaxed, while still adhering to the rules of social isolation.

6. Catch up on sleep

With our normal busy schedules, many of us are unable to get a good night’s sleep while still completing all of our tasks and activities. Use these cancellations and this extra free time to your advantage, and catch up on any needed sleep.

7. Write

Whether it’s poems, songs, or stories, writing can be an enjoyable way to work your imagination and pass the time during the quarantine. If writing is something that you enjoy, get creative and express yourself.

8. Create or watch TikTok videos

TikTok has become an increasingly popular social media network, and many people take pleasure in learning new dance trends, creating inspirational videos, or watching each other’s videos. As someone who originally downloaded the app as a joke, I admit that I have begun to love watching the videos and observing the creativity and effort that other people put into theses clips.

9. Read a book

When was the last time you picked up a book that you enjoyed and read it for pleasure in your free time? Well, now’s your chance. Start reading that book that you’ve always wanted to read but never seemed to have the time for; re-read one of your favorite books, or even discover a new one.