Alumni Andres Mcintyre Joins the Monarch Family as a new Coach and Teacher


Beth Ellis

Andres Mcintyre joined the Menchville family as a new English teacher and works with the track team alongside Coach Pierce.

In the midst of COVID-19 and the stresses of virtual learning, it can be difficult to find positive reasons for celebration; however, the return of a former Monarch is always a cheerful experience at Menchville High School. Menchville welcomed a new English teacher and Track and Field coach to the Monarch family this year, alumni Andres Mcintyre.

Despite receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical Education in college, Mcintyre took advantage of the opportunity to become a teacher at his old high school and work with students. Although he admits that having to learn and teach content that is different from his degree is difficult, as well as facing the struggles of virtual school during his first year of teaching, he finds joy and satisfaction in teaching his students and knowing that they’re showing up to his class.

“It is a humbling experience to be able to walk the halls again, now as a teacher and coach at my alum high school,” Mcintyre remarked. Many of the Menchville faculty and teachers played an important role in helping him get to college, and he enjoys the chance to teach and help students of his own.

“I chose to explore the world after college, I got to have exposure of the real world minus classrooms and constant education. When I had the opportunity to come back to work with Newport News Public Schools, especially since I wanted to coach track, they gave me an opportunity and instead of saying no, I took the opportunity because I didn’t want to lose further chances all because I said no. Sometimes you just have to get your foot in the door and work yourself to the position that you require. When I had the opportunity given to become a teacher in the school system, I was like ‘alright, let’s take it, let’s learn, let’s study.’ I’m still a Health and Phys. Ed. major and I would like to teach P.E., but at least now I can get it from being within the system versus requesting on that outside (the school system).”

In addition to teaching English, Mcintyre serves as a Track and Field coach alongside Coach Pierce. In high school, Mcintyre was a student-athlete and played on the JV Football team, and the cross country and track and field team. Later on, he did volunteer work for the team for over three years before being given an official coaching position with Pierce.

“Track and Field was a great deal of my life from high school through college. With Coach Pierce playing a great deal of my life and sharing the same alma mater of Virginia State University, we easily began working with one another,” he said. As a coach, he works with each athlete, learning their physical abilities and helping them correct and fine-tune their skills, preparing them workouts to improve their overall performance and help them reach their potential, ensuring that all of the athletes remain healthy and in good academic standing, and motivating them daily, keeping them excited to be on the team. “All in all we must educate them on the sport of Track and Field and how best to prepare their bodies for optimal performance.”

Mcintyre, or Coach Dre, as he’s known to the track team, works primarily with the sprinters on the team, helping motivate them to improve their performance.

“He’s great at giving advice and he gives great motivation. He’s helped my confidence and to think of things in different ways,” explained Jeremiah Bullock, a Senior sprinter who has known Mcintyre for two years. “I like him a lot as a coach and person. He’s great and good to have conversations with.”