Trump Impeachment Sparks More Debate Within the Nation


Credited to John Cameron

It’s official, President Donald J. Trump is the first president to be impeached twice in a single term. Democratic lawmakers called for the president to be impeached after allegedly ‘Inciting violence’ on January 6, 2021 when his supporters stormed Capitol Hill. The House vote recorded at 232 to 197, majority ruling.

On the morning of  January 6th, supporters gathered when Trump took stage near the White House to inform the people of America he was not going to give up, concerning the election results controversy. Once news circulated of Vice President Mike Pence becoming a ‘traitor’, according to major news outlets like CNN and Fox News, to the Republican party, many attendees spun into a rage and broke through the gates of our Capitol. Lawmakers were taken to a safe place once windows were busted and people went through the doors.

News outlets called the protest a ‘terrorist attack on our capital’ but defended the BLM riots while they pushed the 1st amendment. While the majority of the Black Lives Matter protests were peaceful and greatly needed, big cities held violent protests where businesses were destroyed and innocent people lost their lives. When comparing both the Capitol riot and BLM violence side by side, neither was necessary.

Most Republicans refused to condemn but instead defended the actions by the protesters on the 6th after destroying Black Lives Matter through the media, but they weren’t the only ones who enforced hypocrisy. Early 2020, during the peaceful and violent protests, Democrats fully endorsed the new civil rights movement- until told to condemn the violence, but when the events at the capitol occurred, democratic lawmakers took this as an opportunity to have the president impeached so he wouldn’t run for re-election. After these recent events, it has become clear that the Republican party has destroyed itself from the inside while the Democratic party prepares for full power.

Once again the media fails to recognize both agendas pushed by Republicans and Democrats, and the nation is in the biggest divide since pineapple on pizza. President-elect Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris are set to be inaugurated on the 20th of January.