Who is the “Voice of Menchville?”

Minute with a Monarch


Emma Janney

Ippolito advice to students is to “be the best that you can be” and “listen to your gut, it makes better decisions.”

Every morning around 7:20 the Mencvhille Monarchs hear the voice of, sophomore, Charlie Ippolito delivering their daily announcements. Many students know the voice of Ippolito, but not his face or his story.

Ippolito participated in a public speaking event at The Marriot, where Principal Bobby Surrey heard his speech and invited him to lend his voice to the daily announcements at Menchville. Ippolito said that he was “nervous” when speaking in front of the Marriot crowd, but speaking with Surrey reassured him, and he agreed to be the voice of Menchville.

Other than the morning announcements, Ippolito also participates in drill team and lacrosse and tutors his fellow ROTC students. After high school Ippolito would like to go to college and then join the Navy. After visiting the Naval Academy, Ippolito says that the career “really caught onto him” and he decided that he would like to be pilot. To better prepare himself for college he is taking AP classes. His favorite class, in fact, is AP Biology. Ippolito says that his sophomore year has been his favorite throughout his high school career because his classes have been “more interesting.”

One thing that Ippolito wants his fellow Monarchs to know about him is that he has a sense of humor. The funniest thing that has happened to Ippolito in school was a “hornet war” in his Biology class. He and his classmates strung rubber bands on the sinks in their class and shot them [the rubber bands] at each other. The sophomore says that the war got “a little out of control.” His other best memories of this school year are advancing to the regional golf tournament, playing lacrosse, and seeing a professional hockey game in California over winter break.

Something that Ippolito would like to say to his younger self is to “be the best that you can be” and “listen to your gut, it makes better decisions.” To upcoming freshmen the sophomore would say to “stay on top of your school work and don’t get behind.” He values being awarded the Florida Crittenden Award in middle school as his greatest accomplishment. Ippolito looks up to the George Washington, first President of the United States, because of his “ability to get through things” and his leadership skills.

Ippolito describes Menchville as a place where “you can learn and have fun.”