Luke Jones Takes Over Announcements


Beth Ellis

Luke Jones will take over the school announcements after Charlie graduates.

Menchville students may have noticed a new voice on the announcements recently.  Freshman Luke Jones has agreed to take on the iconic role after Senior Charlie Ippolito graduates.

“Charlie’s a senior this year, so I decided that I could do it [the announcements] for next year because it seemed like fun,” stated Jones. “I asked Mr. Surry, and I plan on trying to do it for all four years.” Jones is currently being mentored by Ippolito so that he is ready and experienced for next year. “Charlie is doing a very good job,” stated Jones.

Jones participates in multiple activities at school. He is an active member of Menchville’s show choir, and his favorite subject in school is math. “[Outside of school] I really like to be at home and play video games.” Jones also enjoys watching and playing basketball in his free time at home.