Mr. Clark becomes Menchville’s new college counselor


Menchville students might see a familiar face in a different place around school this year. Mr. Reggie Clark, who has worked at Menchville in a variety of teaching positions since 2013, is now Menchville’s college counselor. Seniors who need assistance with the college application process can find him in the guidance department.

When Clark was asked if he was willing to take over the position for a year, he couldn’t say no. “Since I’ve been here, I’ve always worked with students on college applications, recommendations, and reviewing essays, so it was not a big jump for me to do so (take the job). Plus, it’s part-time only.”

Clark’s main goal to accomplish while he’s on the job is to assist students in making the right decisions. “It’s not all about college, it could be another career path. Is it the right choice to join the military, to go to some type of professional school? I want to make them comfortable with the decisions that they make.”

He also has many tips for students on what their next steps should be if they are considering going to college. “If you’re going to college, if at all possible, go visit the college. Talk to people who attend the college right now, as well as Alumni of the college. Often times when you go visit the school, you’ll know right then and there sometimes that that’s the school for you because you feel very comfortable at that school. Also, do your research.” Mr. Clark is always willing to help the students prepare for and plan the next big steps in their lives, and hopes this year to assist as many students as possible in making the right decisions about their futures.