Menchville Rocks 2017 – Lil Curry


Senior Elijah Saleem, also known as Lil Curry, will be taking the Menchville Rocks stage for the first time this year. Saleem will be performing three raps, “All Me,” “Rap Star,” and “Hot Sauce”- all of which are originals inspired by his life and the world around him.

Though this is Saleem’s first time rapping in Menchville Rocks, it is certainly not his first Menchville performance. Lil Curry has become well known in the Menchville community for his original raps at parties, assemblies, pep rallies, and even school announcements.

Saleem’s music career actually started long before Menchville. He began writing and performing his own raps when he was about 9 or 10, and recorded in a studio for the first time as a freshman. Now, years later, as a senior, Saleem will be sharing his talent onstage as Lil Curry at Menchville Rocks 2017.

Going into his Menchville Rocks performance on February 16th, Saleem is feeling both excited and nervous. When asked what inspired him to perform at the show this year, Saleem said “I’ve been told it’s a great experience.” He continued, “Just, Menchville Rocks!”