Menchville Rocks 2017 – Sound Affects


Sound Affects is ready to play.

Menchville Rocks 2017 on February 16th will mark the debut of a new Menchville-based band- Sound Affects. Consisting of freshman Michael Garrette on guitar and main vocals, senior Noah Nipp on bass, and sophomore Sam Cornette on guitar, Sound Affects plans to play Kiss’s hit “Rock and Roll All Night” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child” in their performance.

Sound Affects will be showing their skill with two classic rock covers in their Menchville Rocks debut, but the band dabbles in all sorts of music genres. Nipp’s playing was described by his bandmates as being very versatile, and Cornette likes to bring a blues influence in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Said Garrette on the group’s varied style, “We can play anything from classic rock, to heavy metal, to blues, to jazz- we can go all over the place.”

This Menchville band formed only around 3 months ago, but its members are already looking ahead. Sound Affects is planning to continue playing as a group and performing more in the future.

Going into Menchville Rocks 2017, the members of Sound Affects are excited, but there aren’t many nerves. Said Nipp, “It’s just fun to play in a group.”