Menchville Rocks 2017 – Anne Morgan and Maya


Anne Morgan Alligood

Anne Morgan and Maya come back to the Menchville Rocks stage for a final performance.

Menchville Rocks 2017 on February 16th will be the first performance for new junior duo, Anne Morgan Alligood and Maya Gorton. Alligood will be on ukulele, and Gorton on main vocals. The two will be performing three songs, “I Don’t Know My Name” by Grace VanderWaal, “Bring It All Back” by S Club 7, and “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers.

This is the first time Alligood and Gorton are playing together. When asked about their music style, the duo said they liked to have a light hearted, cheery tone. The two like to play upbeat pop and folk music that makes their listeners happy.

Alligood and Gorton are both new to performing at Menchville Rocks, but they are familiar with the show. Both saw Menchville Rocks 2016 from the audience last year and thought it looked like a great experience, which was the main reason behind the duo deciding to perform this year.

With Menchville Rocks 2017 quickly approaching, Alligood and Gorton are excitedly awaiting their chance to perform. “Mostly I just don’t want to mess up,” said Alligood. Even with the nerves, the two are eager to sing and play in front of their friends and the Menchville community.