Treasure’s Pick

This weeks pick is Qu’ran Yarborough, an ninth grader here at Menchville. Qu’ran dresses in a unique way that caught my attention often when Isee him. He is more into brands then the actual piece of clothing itself. His style is based around artists and the swag they bring along with it. Qu’ran said, “I just look at different artists such as Chris Brown, Pharell Williams and Asap Rocky and change (what they wear) into my own thing.” Those artists are some of the best high end fashion icons, some in which others tend to mimic  when it comes to dressing.

Quran would describe his fashion as high end because of all the brands he likes to wear. He says he likes to put  himself together everyday he wakes up. “Can’t ever look RATCHET,” says Qu’ran. He has to show his peers how its done.

Next year he wants to start a youtube channel and sponsor clothes for high up brands, not just for money, but to give people insight on how to put certain things together correctly and be a little different.

He’s favorite piece of clothing is his Chelsea Addias soccer jacket. His outfit during the interview consisted of a black and white paint splatter American Eagle shirt, white ripped jeans and reddish, black, and white Air Max.

It was really interesting interviewing him , he was very interested in the whole thing. Great Personality. He wanted to make sure I told everyone to follow him on Instagram @trillsaucyq to see more of his outfits.