Treasure’s Pick

Treasures Pick

This weeks fashion pick is Quayvon Hilbert, a ninth grader  at Menchville, with a style somewhat like others but it’s really the little things that make him different. Quayvon, dresses to me in the ways of Kanye West. The over size tees or long shirts with zippers on the side just give him that Yeezy feel.

Yeah, a lot of boys are dressing this way in this day and age but most over do it and only want to dress that way because they see everybody wearing it and just want to be in. But Quayvon he keeps it simple and makes it work. Quayvon stated, “I dress because it’s fun, not to impress anyone,” and that you can tell.

Quayvon’s inspiration in style comes from his older brother. “We dress pretty much alike,” said Quayvon.

His favorite piece of clothing that he owns is his Osar De La Renta sweater.  He feels the sweater is very unique because while it’s  pretty basic  he loves its thick material. He prefers a dress shoe but doesn’t really wear them often. His classmate Christa Thomas said, “when he wears that sweater to me he looks like one of the models in a Kanye show”.

His outfit during the interview was a pretty basic red plaid shirt, almost knee length, but not really there with zippers going down the side and  a pair of black skinny jeans paired up with some fresh all white Air Forces. He picks his shoes out first  then matches the clothing. He picked the shirt because its his favorite and short sleeved because it has been warm lately.   He said  “it would be a great day to wear it.”

Quayvon is my pick for the week and one of Menchville’s best dressed in my book.