Goodwill Hunting

The best places to find vintage fashion at reasonable prices


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

With the rise of vintage fashion in the current style scene, it’s important to find those classic, to-die-for fashion necessities. But why go to Urban Outfitters for these items when you could get original vintage clothing for a cheaper price? Whether you’re trying to up your grunge aesthetic, find some good old grandma sweaters, or just want some quality deals while lessening the current fashion industry’s impact on the environment, this list of thrift stores in Newport News is for you.

  1. Firstly, we have to start with the epitome of thrift stores: Goodwill. If you’re going to be a thrifter, Goodwill is your best friend (next to your Grandma’s closet). Goodwill is definitely the best place to go if you’re looking for 60’s-70’s or early 2000’s centered fashion. Their large collection of blouses and dresses will blast you back into the past, and the jeans section is a fantastic place to find all styles of jeans. Ladies, if you want to get in on the oversized baggy jeans trend, snatch a belt off the wall, head to the men’s section, and go crazy.
  2. Secondly, we have the CHKD Thrift Store on Warwick Boulevard, which is located right next to Goodwill. Their shirts and sweaters section always have secret jems hidden within the masses. Plus, your purchases will be helping out a good cause; proceeds from purchases at CHKD thrift stores benefit CHKD children’s hospitals. The CHKD website says that the stores contribute around 2.5 million a year.
  3. Next, we have Act II Consignment Boutique located in Hilton Village. This little boutique has all the clothing you need for every style, not to mention the perfect accessories to accompany your ensembles. They have an entire room practically dedicated to shoes, and their sunglasses and purse collections are worth perusing. Act II is also the perfect place to find a prom or homecoming dress that won’t break your budget.
  4. Also in Hilton Village, but typically overlooked, is Plantiques. Plantiques is much more of an art/antique store, but their small clothing section has great staple pieces like vintage dresses and jackets.
  5. Village Thrift is another store filled of great finds, and their store is located on Warwick Boulevard by Christopher Newport University. They have pretty much everything you’ll ever need in terms of clothing. The men’s t-shirt section is always my favorite place to look for interesting and unique graphic t-shirts shirts.
  6. Finally, we have Plato’s Closet. The guys’ section of Plato’s Closet is amazing for sweatshirts and cheap formal attire, like collared shirts. The girls’ section has beautiful blouses and cardigans. Most of the stuff from there is donated from retail stores like Forever 21 and H&M, so you can still get your favorite modern fashion at a decent price!

These six are just some of the great stores in Newport News- the tip of the iceberg, if you will. Use this list as a guide, get out there, and find your favorite thrifty fashion!