Why it’s Hard to Stick to New Year’s Resolutions

It’s finally 2016! With a brand new year, there are brand new resolutions to follow. It’s not really difficult to come up with a resolution. The hard part is following through with the plans you’ve made for the New Year. But, why?

Reason 1: It’s too unrealistic.

            Some resolutions are just unattainable because you’ve set the bar way too high. If you’re 400 pounds, you can’t say that your goal is to be 100 pounds by next week. You have to make mini goals to bet there. So instead of setting a target weight, set up a list of things to get there. For example, “this year, I am going to exercise at least four times a week” or “this year, with every meal I must eat a side of vegetables.”

Reason 2: You’re doing it alone.

            Some people work better with an outside motivator. Ask a family member or close friend to help you in your steps to bettering yourself. People may see you differently than how you see yourself. This way, you can get feedback on things you probably haven’t even picked up on. But, your motivator must be positive. No negativity!

Reason 3: Expenses are too high.

            When you’re working toward a specific target, money is almost always needed. If you’re working toward your weight goal, you may have to spend money on a pricey gym membership or certain foods. If you work out a home, it may even be difficult to buy equipment. Being financially unstable when it comes to your New Year’s resolutions, may cause you to give up or put it off until you get some money.

Reason 4: You didn’t actually plan anything.

            A goal without a course of action might as well be dead. You have to take time creating to-do lists or mental maps. When working towards an objective, there are always small steps that will eventually lead up to what you’re trying to achieve. A good thing to do would be making weekly goals. They are immediate and will keep you on toes so you don’t start to slack.

Reason 5: You don’t have the right mindset.

            Some people think that going into a New Year means that you have to come up with a New Year’s resolution. So, they rush to come up with a goal that wasn’t thoroughly thought out. People do it because they think they should. Instead, you should only set a goal if you want to work towards something. Don’t set a resolution because everyone else is doing it but set one because you want to better something about yourself.

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