Self-Care In A Time When We Are Closer To Ourselves Than Anyone Else

During COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we, as a world, are by ourselves in our homes more than ever. Many of us feel discouraged, nervous, and, most of all, out of touch with what used to be our daily routine. Here is a list of a few things we can all do to help ourselves cope in such an unusual time.

Created by Shayla Shuping

#1 Rest

Sleeping is a big factor in stress reduction. We are more stressed than usual, things like the chance of getting the virus, watching the news, unemployment, and being out of school being the biggest stressors at this time. Rest is also good for relaxation or taking a well-deserved break from your at-home studying.

Created by Shayla Shuping

#2 Skin Care and Beauty 

Basic things like moisturizing, exfoliating, doing a wash-off or peel-away mask, doing your hair, or painting your nails can be helpful. Looking your best makes you feel your best, which can help to create a positive mindset and more motivation to complete assignments and daily tasks.

Created by Shayla Shuping

#3 Meditation 

While meditation isn’t something that is a usual part of a lot of our lives, it can be a useful practice to get involved in. Like sleep, meditation can be done in a quick break from schoolwork, or anytime that you feel that something is taking your mental state over. Click this to watch one of my favorite guided meditations, specifically made for quarantine!

Created by Shayla Shuping

#4 Setting a Schedule/ Routine

Having a set schedule for the day can be helpful in getting work done in a timely manner and feeling a sense of structure. Many people find that without a schedule they would be lost throughout the day- lacking motivation for important daily tasks. Scheduling your day also helps with preventing the feeling of loss in the normal daily routine.


Created by Shayla Shuping

#5 Going Outdoors

While it may not be safe to go to parks or beaches, we always have the comforts of our own yards and gardens. Being in the sunshine, or just getting fresh air can be very refreshing, especially after feeling like we’re always in our homes.


Hopefully these little things can have a big impact on our newly-changed lives. Remember to stay calm, healthy, and positive during these unprecedented times!