The First Nine Weeks



Since March, Covid-19 has impacted and changed many of our lives. Students across the country have had to deal with the struggle of not being able to go to school and learn in the classroom setting that we are all used to. We’re no longer able to be social and talk to our friends and peers or even participate in any sports or clubs that we belong to. Our education transitioned from in-person learning to a virtual setting, and our normal lives became not so normal in a matter of seconds. 

With virtual learning, I’ve personally dealt with my fair share of struggles. There are many things about learning virtually that can  cause one to feel overwhelmed at times and unmotivated. During the first nine weeks of school, I felt very unmotivated, doing the same day to day routine quickly became tiring. I didn’t enjoy sitting in my bed staring at my computer screen and doing work.

Going to school and going to my different classes is something that I usually enjoyed, I had friends and peers that I’d socialize with and teachers that I could talk to face to face. Learning virtually, it was very easy to experience discouragement and boredom since I was missing what I most enjoyed about school.

During the first nine weeks, I experienced some ups and downs with my grades as well. I realized that it was easy for me to procrastinate more since I was at home. I wasn’t taking it as seriously as I should’ve. One thing that I am trying my best to work on is to get my work in one time and to be very proactive about my education and my grades. I am interacting with my teachers more than I was in the beginning and I’m pushing myself to stay on top of my work as well. I have many friends that I know are dealing with the same things.  However, with the help of my teachers and friends, I do feel more motivated to go through the next nine weeks of school. 


Virtual learning isn’t easy. It can affect all of us in many ways. It’s easy for us to fall off due to the lack of interaction with our teachers. Also, we may experience having a harder time trying to understand our work. At times we can also feel helpless if we begin to feel stressed out with school. If you or anyone you may know feels this sense of helplessness, feel free to visit the MHS emotional and social support website. 

However, we must all remain strong and stay motivated and encouraged to do our school work. Because in the end we are all going through these changes together, and eventually we will return to normal. So we must all keep putting our best foot forward and take our education seriously even if we’re learning virtually. Even if we’ve had our struggles during the first nine weeks of school let’s all make the next weeks and months count by doing better and staying motivated.