Victoria Garrick-An Advocate for the Future of Mental Health and Body positivity

We all have Instagram influencers that we follow and influence our thinking and how we would want to live our lives, right?  They give us advice on self-care, fashion and beauty tips, and they also give us the latest updates that are happening in the beauty, fashion, and technology world. Well, an Instagram influencer that has influenced me is a girl named Victoria Garrick.

Victoria Garrick is a former Division one volleyball player for USC, a mental health advocate, and a public speaker. When Garrick used to play volleyball for USC, she would often suffer from anxiety and depression because of the high-pressure environment that she was around. That’s what made her begin to advocate for mental health for student athletes. She would go around giving ted talks and going to different universities talking to students about how mental health can especially affect those in sports.Garrick also advocates for body positivity, one of the first posts that I saw on her Instagram was one where she talked about body neutrality. Garrick explained that body neutrality is when a person doesn’t have to love their body, but they can be at peace with it. She explained that it is a movement to help people steer away from self-hate. When I first saw that post it made my self-esteem increase and now I’m starting to love myself a little more. Victoria Garrick is an inspiration to young girls and athletes everywhere inspiring them to love their bodies and to be vocal about our mental health.