Struck with the Senior Spirit!


Students at Menchville, like many other students across the country, have had to adjust to an unconventional school year. For the seniors, this change ultimately results in the loss of major anticipated events. Typical senior years tend to be a rollercoaster of college admissions, parties, prom, and finally, graduation. Unfortunately, these defining experiences have been put on hold for the 2020-21 school year. In their place, students are attending school through virtual applications, attempting virtual clubs, and are, for the most part, separated from others.

To kick off the first month of school on a more positive note, however, senior students and parents decided to start a fun gift exchange for among students. The exchange is simple. First, a student is “Struck with the Senior Spirit!” or surprised at their home with a gift, usually of small trinkets or treats, and a sign detailing the senior spirit event. Natalie Sun, a current senior, explained, “I just bought some small inexpensive gifts and made it for two people like the directions it told me, (and) I delivered it to them.”  She treated the gift exchange as if she were packing an autumn themed goodie bag.

After enjoying the small treat, seniors could showcase their senior sign in their window or on social media platforms. The next step is to secretly deliver gifts to two other unsuspecting seniors. “I hope whoever is running this makes sure every senior gets one,” she said. The overall intent is for students to continue the event by secretly sharing gifts until every senior has been struck, though it may be hard to tell if everyone has participated.

While being “Struck with the Senior Spirit” may not be the exact replacement for the traditions and privileges granted during regular senior years, they serve as a sweet reminder that the Class of 21 is looking out for one another regardless of new obstacles. “The year could’ve been better,” Sun said, “but this feels the safest because of the pandemic.”