2016 Color Me Rad 5K in Newport News


Color Me Rad, a colorful 5K event was held at City Center in Newport News Sunday, April 24th. It was open to the public with prior registration and allowed for many to come together as a city and run/walk together. What makes this event different from other 5 K runs is that participants get colored by color packets and slime before, during, and after the run.  Volunteers manned different stations and tossed colored powder or slime at runners as they went past. If you did not want to get as colorful, then you had the option of going around these color stations.

The Color Me Rad event was a great event to experience with friends, family, and the community. Senior Traci Hurst, who attended the event said, “My favorite thing about the Color Me Rad was getting to hang out with my friends while we all got covered in the colored powder. I’d love to do it again if I have the chance.”

The run began with a quick Zumba warm-up and ended with a dance party full of music and games for everyone to enjoy and get in on. Photo opportunities were numerous as people could not wait to take pictures of themselves with different colored paint and slime on them. The weather was nice so the run was not too hot or too cold and there were two water stations that participants could access. Many people were in groups and had coordinating outfits in case they got lost or separated from their groups. Everyone seemed to have a smile on their face and enjoyed this coming together of the community and also got in a workout of about 3.2 miles.