Interview with Coach Nuttycombe



Courtesy of the Instagram page of Menchville757

Everybody knows when November comes around at Menchville it is the best time of year, basketball season. The fans crowd the stands and cheer on our Monarchs hopeful for a victory.  With the heartbreaking event that took place after the Menchville vs. Woodside game, on December 14, 2021, students and parents are wondering how it could change how we know sporting events at Menchville, specifically Basketball. 

While speaking to Athletic director, Jenny Nuttycombe, she said that the recent events that happened at our school will not affect how basketball games are held and/ or any other sporting events. She continues to say that the reasoning behind the school changing the policy of selling tickets before the game and not at the door is to reduce COVID-19 numbers in the community and in our school. Also, this matter was discussed well before the season actually started, the administration just wanted to wait until winter break to watch the numbers.

Nuttycombe says Menchville will continue to operate the games as they did in the past in regards to concessions, and security at the games. Most of the schools in the Newport News district are selling tickets directly to students, rather than at the door. Coach Nuttycombe said that “We are continuing to have sports and hopefully this health situation will continue to get better and allow us to open our facilities and allow more guests.”