Breeger Signs for JMU Swim

Senior Star Swimmer Signs


Emily Moliken

Jillian Breeger signs to swim at JMU.

Today at 10 a.m. in a conference room in guidance, Jillian Breeger made the Breeger and Monarch families proud.  After a lifetime of swimming, on November 13th, 2014 Jillian officially committed to join the James Madison University swim team.  Jillian and her relatives, coaches, and friends were all smiles at her signing ceremony.  Joined by Coach Henderson, Mrs. Marstellar, Mr. Edwards, and a beaming Mr. Surry, Jillian left her signature on a document that makes the rest of her Senior year a whole lot easier.  “Can I graduate now?” joked Jillian during her signing.  Without the worry of securing a college for Fall 2015, Jillian and her family can now rest at ease knowing she is the second Duke in her family. Her brother Cole is a sophomore at JMU this year.

“I’m very excited to know where I am going,” Jillian explains. 

“I am going to be a part of a great team! I am beyond relieved and super stoked.

— Jillian Breeger


The signing included sweet words from her Coast Guard Blue Dolphins swim coaches that brought all in the room to tears.  To end the morning with more sweets, the Breeger family provided JMU cupcakes for friends and faculty to celebrate the great accomplishment of their daughter.  A proud Mr. Surry had lots to say about Jillian.  “We’re always excited to have our students go on to be successful.  It shows that her hard work has paid off, and now she gets to go to college for free!” laughs Mr. Surry.  “It’s always nice to see the purple and gold go to another place that offers opportunities for our students.  This is certainly a great opportunity for Jillian.”

Congratulations Jillian!  Wear our colors with pride.