Menchville holiday service projects


Beth Ellis

The pulsaras will be sold outside the cafeteria during lunches as well as during the Band and Chorus concerts.

Menchville is starting off the holiday season with a few community service projects this year. The Spanish Honor Society will sell bracelets for the Pulsera project, which Menchville has participated in for at least the past three years. The Spanish word “pulsera” means “bracelet,” which is the focus of the project. The Spanish Honor Society will sell bracelets made by artisans in Central America.

According to Mrs. Alice Shepley (the Honor Society sponsor), the artists who make these bracelets are extremely talented, but live in an economically challenged area. When the students sell their bracelets for them, “the people in Central America who have this skill of making this wonderful art form can then use that to make a living. So, they have the dignity of work and getting fair compensation for their art, while all we do is get to enjoy purchasing them at what feels like a fair price to us but that is more than a fair price to them, and then the proceeds go back to them.”

Starting December 10th and lasting until Christmas break, the Spanish Honor Society members will sell bracelets for $5 each and bags for $10 each during 1st and 2nd lunches. The bracelets will also be sold during the Band and Chorus concerts on the 11th and 18th, so that the parents and adults have the opportunity to purchase them for themselves and their family members as well. All of the proceeds earned from this project go straight back to the individuals that created them.


Beth Ellis
The Drop off box for toys is located in the office.

The National Honor Society is also pairing up with the German Honor Society to participate in a holiday service project, and is running a toy collection drive at Menchville. Students may donate toys and other items such as books, coloring books, and colored pencils that will be given to the CHKD Children’s Hospital in Norfolk. According to the Honor Society, soft or plush toys are not recommended because of a risk of increased germs that could get on the toys. “I would like at least 50 toys, or enough money to get around 50 toys,” stated National Honor Society member Hannah Dahl.

The toy drive is an annual event that the Honor Society has been running for many years. “I know a few people who have been treated there (at CHKD) for different things, so because of that (they chose the hospital) and also because Coach L already had it (the hospital) in mind,” Dahl continued.

The toys will be delivered to CHKD on December 14th.