Sterling Elliott


Sterling Elliot is not only known around Menchville High School for his talent but is recognized for playing the cello world wide. The youngest member of the Elliot Family Quartet,  he started his career at 3 years old, and  has traveled around the world competing and showcasing his talent. Sterling is a senior at Menchville,and  he manages to maintain a 4.0 GPA while also traveling for his musical career.

Do you ever wish you had decided to play the violin instead of the cello?

“No, in the string family the violin is the most well know and a lot of people who play the violin say they wish they had learned to play the Cello because it has a wider range.”

Did you ever learn to play the violin and do you sometimes play for fun?

“No, I can probably play twinkle because I’ve watched my siblings play all my life.”

What is your favorite piece to play?

“The piece I am working on, they always say that the piece you’re working on, you should play it as though it’s your favorite piece so that it comes across that way to the audience.”

Do you ever get nervous playing in front of so many people?

“I always get nervous, if you’re performing and you don’t get nervous, then something’s not right. I’ve been playing all my life and I still get nervous.”

What competition do you think was the most competitive and most difficult for you?

“The hardest competition I’ve done so far would have to be The Sphinx National Competition only because it was probably the biggest competition I’ve done so far, but I know there are tons of international competitions that I haven’t even ventured for.”

Since you travel a lot, what place has been your favorite?

“My favorite place to travel has been Tel Aviv, Israel just because it was such a different outlook on how things are in America and how things are in a different country. How different the culture and the people are, it was such an amazing experience.”

I read that you played for Yo Yo Ma and alongside Jennifer Hudson, what were they like and how did you feel?

“Jennifer Hudson and Yo Yo Ma are super down to earth, they’re just like normal people. They are so nice and I still can’t believe it, I think back and knowing that I talked to them face to face and I think it was such an awesome experience to have.”

How do you manage both your school work and your cello career?

“The teachers at Menchville have been super helpful in me getting my schoolwork done and cooperating with my schedule. I come to school, get my work done then go home and practice the cello, It finds a way to fit into a schedule.”

What is your ultimate goal that you want to accomplish with playing the cello?

“My ultimate goal would be just to continue a musical trend into the next generation, it would be nice to keep performing as my career but I probably will settle into teaching. I just feel like as long as you pass on the musical gift to another generation then it will be all worth it.”