The Get Down

Trezure Reaves, Staff Writer

“The Get Down” is a new Netflix show that takes us back to the 1970’s in the South Bronx , when disco was dying out and hip hop was rising.  Baz Luhrmann created the  show about two  young people; Ezekial “Zeke” Figuero ( Justice Smith)  is a poet, romantic, and rapper, and  Shaolin Fantastic  (Shameik Moore) is an inspiring  DJ.   Zeke and Shao meet when fighting over a rare record that Zeke wants to use to woo the girl he loves. Shao sees that Zeke has so much heart in how he rhymes and asks him to write the lyrics for his beats.

The love and hate relationship between Zeke and Mylene Cruz  (Herizen Guardiola)  brings a piece of romance into the show.  Unfortunately, Cruz, has a one track mind involving her feelings and jump starting her career. She only deals with Zeke when she needs his help, because she knows she can control him.

Grandmaster Flash (Mamoudou Athie) has been very involved in Zeke and Shao’s whole hip hop revolution in the world of rap, acting as a mentor. He lead Shao to Zeke and taught them many lessons about what mastering rap entails.

Part One of “The Get Down” is six episodes, and leaves you hanging. Part two is supposed to come out in 2017 , however it has no specific release date yet.  All in all, the show contains a blend of suspense, romance, and history,  that would definitely interest everyone ages 15 and up. But beware, the show does contain a lot of foul language.

Go watch Part One of “The Get Down,” you won’t regret it.