Hero Help

Throughout the month of October, Patricia Clancy’s art classes have been busy building a garden. Members of the  Lowe’s “Heroes” program  have provided  professional help and instruction in planting, building, and mulching. On it’s website, Lowe’s said the program, “encourages employees in a location to team together, adopt a volunteer project with a local nonprofit organization or K–12 public school, and volunteer to make a difference.”

Lowes’s Lead project manager and Menchville alumni Allison Stover said,  “Every year, Lowe’s gets a certain amount of money to help with community service projects. Last year we rebuilt dugouts for Deer Park Little League, and this year after learning about the project idea from the Menchville Facebook page, we reached out to Activity Director Pete Mercier, who put us in touch with Clancy.”

As a sponsor, Lowe’s also provided all materials necessary to complete the task. Donations included anything and everything from a shed, leaf blowers, shovels, plants, soil, sprinklers, hoses, bird feeders, etc.

“I believe the garden is a great idea, and love that it is going to a much bigger purpose,” said junior Kaitlyn Thompson, a student in Clancy’s Ceramics class.

The project is a part of the school wide Lead to Feed initiative, with the crops grown going to the Peninsula Food-Bank this winter.