Spirit Week Is Upon Us! – 2022 Spirit Week Schedule


It’s a tradition in many schools, Menchville included, to have a special week leading up to homecoming. Spirit Week needs no introduction, but some of its themes this year might, as while they have simple names, what they entail may confuse a few without detail.

Monday the 10th has students dress up as movie characters in any form.

Tuesday the 11th goes for tunes; dress up like any musician, real or fiction, or wear an outfit synonymous with your favorite genre.

Wednesday the 12th has the different grades dressing up back through the decades. Freshmen take the outfits from the 2000’s, sophomores get 90’s, juniors wear 80’s apparel, and seniors claim the 70’s.

Thursday the 13th is a nice spin: heroes and villains. 9th, 10th, and 11th graders dress up as heroes, well-known, or their own, while 12th graders get to dress like villains.

Friday the 14th is a standard that any student should already be familiar with. Freshmen wear white, sophomores wear black, juniors adorn gold, and seniors show off their monarch pride with purple.

We hope to see you dress your best, monarchs, and we hope you have a great time at homecoming on Saturday the 15th.