Glamorous Guide to Prom


Prom is just around the corner and with that comes a list of common faux pas to avoid in order to have the best night. Here on the Lion’s Roar staff, we have created a collective list of what we think are popular do and don’t of prom. Disclaimer, of course, do whatever makes you feel most confident regardless of what everyone else thinks. 


  1. Do make sure you are dressed properly. Prom is a serious event in high school so everyone should be in their formal attire, rocking a fire fit.
  2. Don’t spill dinner on your outfit. Order something that is relatively easy to eat without creating a big mess. No one wants a big stain down the front of their dress. 
  3. Do bring a change of shoes. No one wants to dance and walk around in uncomfortable heels all night. Slipping into a pair of sneakers and sandals instead will prevent blisters and overall pain substantially. 
  4. Don’t create drama. Making the whole night about yourself takes away from the experience of others. Be respectful of others’ boundaries and try not to step on any toes, literally and figuratively. 
  5. Do get out on the dance floor. Strut your stuff and show off your one of a kind dance moves. 
  6. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Expectations of the perfect night are common for prom but most times they are not fulfilled. Be present and in the moment, there is no need to be anxious.
  7. Do bring your ticket and form of identification. You will need to be checked in upon arrival and providing all the materials right away will speed up the process, giving you more time enjoy the dance.
  8. Don’t spend the entire night on your phone. You can do that every other night of the year so give it a rest for tonight. Take in your surroundings instead. Much more interesting things will be happening around you. 
  9. Do make prom TikToks to show off your dress. Transition videos are highly recommended, they will probably make you famous. Put some hashtags in the caption, record it during golden hour, and you are good to go. 
  10. Don’t abandon your guest. When bringing a guest from another school, it is important to incorporate them into your school friend group and make them feel welcomed. Leaving them isolated won’t give them the best experience. 


Of course, be sure to make good decisions and be safe throughout the night. Prom is meant to be fun, so let loose and have a great time!