The Marquee is Here

Menchville High School Has a New Marquee.

After several years of planning and discussion, Menchville has finally installed a marquee in front of the school. Menchville has never had a proper marquee before. Mr. Surry and our former assistant principal of operations, Mr. Edwards, were the ones who had the idea of getting a marquee for the school and were involved in ensuring that the marquee would be installed.

Mr. Huffstetler says, “The new digital marquee will allow for a variety of messages to be shared with our monarch family and the surrounding community.” This includes academic and athletic activities. Because the marquee is digital, it allows reminders and messages to be automated and they can scroll through. The marquee will be able to display multiple messages, unlike a simple marquee where the messages must be placed by hand.

The planning for the construction of the marquee began before 2021. The planning took a while because the placement and utility lines had to be considered. The construction of the marquee started in July, but most of it was in October. In November, the marquee’s construction finished, but it has yet to be connected to electricity.

Menchville’s marquee was paid for by the school division. State and city funds were used to pay for it. Sign Enterprise, an outside agency of contractors, installed the marquee for Menchville. All 5 high schools in the district had updates to their signs. However, Menchville was the only one to get a completely new marquee simply because it did not have one in the first place.

The new marquee will be helpful to Menchville and its community. However, it will most likely begin operating in January 2022 after it is powered and certain staff gets trained to operate it.