It’s October: Take a STAND


Kalaya Gross, Staff Writer

Bullying is an undesirable, aggressive behavior in which one person falls victim to deliberate abuse from someone else. This month lets take a moment to focus and raise awareness on bullying.  October is National bullying prevention month, and throughout this month long event make an effort to prevent bullying, promote kindness, respect, and inclusion. We all play a role in regards to being there for those who are falling victim to bullying. Be the voice and support for all those going through this form of pain.

At Menchville many different forms of support are offered to aid students who are experiencing bullying. There is a hotline provided on the NNPS school website, and this allows students to submit safety concerns that they or someone else may be experiencing. Also conflict mediation is provided from faculty in efforts to help solve any conflicts that are going on between people. Support can also be found by reaching out to guidance counselors or speaking to the school student support specialist, Terri Keesee in room 116. There are many ways to get support and help if you or someone you know is witnessing or experiencing any from of bullying.

Furthermore, the best way to go about resolving a bullying situation would first be to warn someone. The first step to a solution to any issue is to go to a supportive adult figure and let them know about what may be happening to you or a friend. A face to face conversation with the student who is doing the bullying can be helpful, however these conversations should typically involve a mediator. When going about finding solutions to a topic as sensitive as bullying students should be cautious with the methods they use to fix their problems.

Overall, Bullying Prevention Month is meant to make people aware of this problem and help those who find themselves as witnesses or victims of bullying. It’s time for us to stand up for others and ourselves, be kind to one another and respect each other, lets be the change we want to see and stand united during National Bullying Prevention Month.