Mockingjay Part 1 Surprisingly Good




The third installment of the Hunger Games series hit the big screens on November 21st and it was not disappointing. Usually in book turned into movie the writers leave somewhat important things or characters out but in Mockingjay they hit the nail on the head.

I was really surprised at how they portrayed the riots between the District, the look of District 13, and Peeta’s new attitude. I originally thought that this movie was going to be as horrible as the first one but it was not. When I was reading the book I pictured District 13 as some underground tunnel with separate tunnel holes for the different rooms. In the movie they did it as this really advanced underground space that was done in a very Capital way. I was also loved how they did the riots in the Districts. I won’t spoil for those who haven’t seen it but all I’ll say is that it was the one of the most intense scenes in the movie. Which brings me to the intense fight scene of the movie. Even though there was a little bit of shaky camera shots when the actors were running, the fight scene was just like if not better than the book. Katniss’ new and improved bow and arrow looked just how Collins described it minus the whole voice activation bit. We briefly see Finnick’s trident and it looks like it could really do some damage.

Now on to what I deem one of the most important aspects of the movie: Effie Trinket. Now I know Effie wasn’t suppose to be in it until they go to rescue Peeta and the other tributes but I’m glad they decided to add her in. Effie gave us comedic relief when the scenes got too tense and gave us her great Capital style with the dreary grey District 13 jumpsuits. She gave Katniss her advice and acted as a mentor even though she wasn’t one in the beginning. You just will fall in love with Effie even more when you see her removed from the Capital mindset and thinking on her own.

I was really nervous to see how they would have portrayed Peeta’s new hate for Katniss and his deteriorating state at the hands of the capital. And let me tell you, they did a really amazing job at it. With each interview you can definitely see him get worse and worse. When they finally rescue Peeta and bring him back you can automatically tell that this is not the real Peeta. I really don’t want to spoil the big reuniting scene but lets all applaud the amazing acting and the amazing direction. When you see that scene your heart will start to break. Your heart will fully break when you see the closing scene. The way it was shot and the heart wrenching music will make you at least tear up. The overall tone of the movie was really depressing and sad. Overall I think that this is the best movie in the series so far. I recommend it to everyone whether you read the book or not.