How a Friendly Feline Shows his Personality

Ava Espinoza, Journalism 1 Staff

From friendly dogs, to furry felines, to smooth reptiles, people love their pets. Whether your pet is loud and rambunctious, or quiet and cuddly, every pet has their own unique features that makes them themselves. In this article, you will get to take a peek inside of a fierce, but loving cat’s life. The owner of this wonderful cat, Dora Gouletas, was interviewed about her pet’s life and personality.

What type of breed is your pet? 

A Brown Tabby cat. 

What is your pet’s name?


How old is your pet?

He is twelve years old.

How did you get your pet?

At my father’s work, there was a truck and one day he heard meowing coming from the hood of the truck. He opened the hood and found a cat in the engine. He put him in a box and took him back to his work so that he could later take him to the SPCA. However, his co-workers were calling him complaining about the noise the cat was making, so with no other choice he had to take him home. Upon bringing him home my family fell in love with him so we adopted him. 

Does your pet get along well with other pets and enjoy humans being around them? 

Ouzo does enjoy humans being around him…he loves attention. He is not a fan of small dogs. Being raised as an outdoor cat has caused him to have trust issues with other animals. 

Can your pet do any tricks, and if so, what kind?

Ouzo can stay on the roof of a car for a long time even when it’s driving. 

What interesting behaviors does your pet possess?

He likes rolling on the ground a lot and greeting people. 

What is the most mischievous thing your pet has ever done?

I would have to say that he is a pretty unproblematic cat.

What is your favorite thing about your pet?

My favorite thing about Ouzo is that even though he has gone through many hardships and struggles, he is still loving, affectionate, and sociable. 

What is the best memory of you and your pet?

Although there are many times, this one was memorable. I was playing fetch with my cat, and Ouzo was catching the tennis ball and bringing it back to me.