My dog Loki

Helaina Ballou, Staff Writer

Everybody has a pet that they adore, right? Dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, fish? People that have pets love them unconditionally; they feed them, give them affection, and walk them. I also have a pet that I love unconditionally. My pet is a dog that will always love me.

My dog’s name is Loki and he is a one-year-old German shepherd. My family and I adopted him in the summer of 2019. We went to a breeder in Petersburg, Virginia. The breeder lived on a farm with horses, chickens, and other dogs. When my family and I went into the breeder’s house we saw two Pomeranians, a Brussels Griffon, and then finally a cute little seven-week-old German Shepherd that was in a crate. When we first came to meet him he was an energetic puppy that was running around and nipping everyone that was in the room. Eventually, my mom signed the registration papers for the puppy that was named Loki.

During Loki’s first twelve months of living with me and my family, he was very mischievous and naughty. He would use the bathroom in the kitchen and he also liked to bite and scratch me, my mom, and my sisters. For the longest time, my family wasn’t even sure if we could keep him. Eventually, he started to mature with the help of a shock collar and some training. Now, even though, he stills has his bad days, there are plenty of good days. He gets excited when I or one of my family members comes downstairs into the kitchen. He loves getting belly rubs and he loves to cuddle, and he can be very affectionate at times. He also loves to go on car rides. I love my German shepherd.