Hades the Gentle Giant

Pet Owner: Alicyn Lee

Alicyn Lee is a junior at Menchville High School and Hades is her dog.

Pets play a big part in most owner’s lives, they’re there with us through the ups and downs. Therefore, just like people, all pets have different personalities that should be explored.

Q: What is your pet’s name?

A: His name is Hades.

Q: What kind of animal is it?

A: He is a Great Dane.

Q: Where did you get it?

A: A family friend whose Great Dane had puppies.

Q: Does he have any special tricks/talents?

A: He knows how to shake, (and sleep a lot) 

Q: Does he have a favorite toy?

A: His favorite toy is a stuffed dinosaur.

Q: Do you have a nickname for your pet?

A: I call him ‘Pumpkin’ but he doesn’t have a nickname closely related to his actual name.

Q: How old is your pet?

A: 11 months old

Q: What kind of personality does your pet have?

A: A very lazy personality, but very gentle and calm as well.

Q: If your pet was human what do you think they’d look like?

A: He’d have black hair, blue eyes, extremely tall, skinny (but not super muscular) 

Q: What do you feed your pet?

A: I feed him 8 scoops of kibble, and an occasional treat (human food), and he drinks an estimated a little over a gallon of water in a day.