Charlie the Odd-Eyed Cat

Charlie Gaskell, Journalism 1 staff

Pet Owner:  Taylor Wiliams

Taylor Williams is a senior at Menchville and Charlie is her cat.
I know it’s a bit of a weird coincidence, nonetheless, this little fellow is certainly one heck of a cat. I think it would be an understatement to say that Charlie is one of the most fascinating house pets I have yet to hear of.

Q: What type of pet do you have, and what is his or her name?
A: I have an odd-eyed cat, and his name is Charlie.

Q: What is something funny about your pet?
A: He likes showers.

Q: What is your favorite thing about him?
A: My favorite thing is his eyes.

Q: What is his personality type?
A: He is very interesting and curious to be around.

Q: How big is your pet?
A: He’s fat

Q: Does he have any unique health issues?
A: He has asthma, he’s deaf, and once had diabetes but is cured.

Q: Does he need a lot of exercise?
A: No

Q: What is his favorite treat?
A: Goldfish crackers

Q: What is your pet's favorite toy?
A: He likes shadows.

Q Where is his favorite place to sleep?
A: My pillow.