Into The Spider-Verse?


All signs are pointing to the uniting of Spider-Men of the past.

Ever since 2016’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, there has been an ongoing debate of who is the best live-action Spider-Man. To some, it’s the original Spidey, Tobey McGuire who swung onto our screens in 2002 and had a great three movie run with Sony. To others, it is Sony’s second attempt at Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, who ran as the famous Web-Slinger from 2012 to 2014. And, to many, the current Web-Head, Tom Holland (Disney’s first live-action Spider-Man), has made a great case as the best. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to compare these three unique performances. They all took place in different eras and with different writers. But, due to some crazy rumors, the three Wall-Crawlers might finally be uniting in what is many comic-book fans dreams.

The buzz about this connecting of different Spider-Men started a couple of months ago, when it was announced that Sam Raimi (the director of the original Spider-Man trilogy), was joining the MCU as the director of Doctor Strange two. Then the buzz started to seem even more real when it was announced that Doctor Strange would be appearing in Disney’s third Spider-Man film, meaning Sam Raimi will most likely have some input as well. Only to make matters crazier, a few weeks ago it was announced that Jamie Foxx, who played the villain Electro in Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man 2, would be reprising his role as Electro in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 3. And one more important detail I forgot, J.K. Simmons, who played J. Jonah Jameson (newspaper editor/ Peter Parker’s boss) in the original Spider-Man trilogy, reprised his role in Disney’s second Spider-Man film, “Spider-Man Far from Home”. So, all the signs are pointing to an inter-connected Spider-Verse coming to our screens pretty soon.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “if the MCU has been doing well with the characters they have, why take such a massive risk integrating in other movies and universes? Won’t that just make everything confusing?”. And while it might be a bit confusing, especially for the more casual fans, it makes total sense why they would try something this major. With the success of Joaquin Phoenix’s “Joker”, and the release of trailers for “The Batman”, “Justice League”, “Suicide Squad” (all from the MCU’s competition, the DCEU) and more, the MCU is no longer the most exciting franchise. Plus, with Marvel closing the chapter on their first decade of films with “Avenger’s Endgame”, casual fans might not stick around to see more characters introduced and start all the way back from square one. Introducing the idea of a connected universe of already known characters would the perfect way to continue to please casual fans, while pleasing both longtime fans and potentially appealing to older fans who grew up with the older characters.

Of course, this might not actually happen. It could just be a massive coincidence or a massive tease. But if this is all real, movie fans have a lot to get excited out.