Menchville Rocks 2020- Hailey James

Sophomore Hailey James will be performing for her second time at Menchville Rocks on Thursday, February 27th.

James has been singing since a young age, and this will be James’s second time performing at Menchville Rocks. Said James on returning to the stage, “I am a little nervous but I’m pretty used to it by now, so I’m kind of excited. It’s gonna be fun.”

Most of the audience will recognize Hailey James from the choir, but now she is going solo.

“I wanted to enter because I really like performing in front of an audience solo, because I do choir but I don’t have much time to do stuff on my own.”

James will be singing a Demi Lovato song and hopefully some Labyrinth as well.

Come see Hailey James and other Menchville musicians at Menchville Rocks on Thursday, February 27 at 6:30 pm in the Menchville auditorium.