Not Bad News- Fat Bear Week


Laura Madler

On this edition of Not Bad News- portly participants compete in the annual Fat Bear Week.

On this edition of Not Bad News, the Lion’s Roar staff is happy to bring you Fat Bear Week.

New from Alaska, Fat Bear Week 2019 has concluded, crowning grand champion bear 435 “Holly” as the chubbiest cub of them all.

From Katmai Conservancy
Hefty Holly snags victory in the 2019 Fat Bear tournament.

Held annually, Fat Bear Week is a social media tournament held by Alaska’s Katmai Conservancy. Katmai assembles a bracket of some of the chunkiest bears on the reserve, and participants either move on to finals or are voted off the bracket according to their level of flub. This March Madness-style tournament of tubsters is meant to publicize the coastal brown bears in Alaska and celebrate their pre-hibernation preparation.

This year’s winner, Holly, beat out a male bear, “Lefty,” to be the fleshiest finalist. Holly’s rotundity will ensure a smooth hibernation this season- and plenty of fans on social media.

Check out the link below to see all the Fat Bear Week contenders:

Or, check out live cam footage from Katmai Conservancy