3 v 3 Basketball Tournament


Aiden Crousore

3 v 3 Basketball Tournament 2019

UPDATE:  The 3 v 3 Basketball Tournament has been postponed – a new date for the tournament will be announced soon.  Students may continue to register teams at the Credit Union Booth outside cafeteria 2.  


Everyone loves March Madness, and now the students can experience their own Monarch March Madness with the 3 v 3 Basketball Tournament! Students can put together their own teams of three to compete in a three-on-three tournament. Teams may sign-up at the student credit union outside the cafeteria. Teams can consist of any combination of students, but are limited to one varsity player per team. There is an entry fee of $15, and the sign-up deadline is April 8th. If a team has entered sign-up but has not paid the entry fee by April 8th, they will be disqualified from the tournament. This event is sponsored by the Distributive Education Clubs of America, better known as DECA.