Menchville Rocks 2019- Hailey James

Hailey James poses for a portrait in the library.

Kelly Ritenour

Hailey James poses for a portrait in the library.

As a freshmen, Hailey James may be a newcomer in the Menchville music scene, but this strong soprano should not be underestimated. James has been singing for as long as she can remember, but she credits her stardom to a specific moment in third grade-

“I was a bit of a show off, I’m just gonna say that right now. Everyone turned back and looked at me while we were rehearsing, and I think that’s when I kind of discovered I can do that.”

James says she likes singing because it makes her feel less invisible. “I just like the idea of being on the stage and knowing that everyone else can actually see me. I just like that everyone knows who I am in that moment.”

Besides singing, James is also skilled in piano and guitar. She is planning on covering Titanium by David Guetta, as well as two currently unchosen pieces.

James believes she’s more nervous for her performance at Menchville Rocks than she was for the audition process. However, this is not Hailey James’s first rodeo- she also participated in a talent show when she attended Dozier Middle School.

James admits that she entered Menchville Rocks on a whim, but then declared it a ‘pretty frickin awesome’ experience after going to auditions.

To see Hailey James in her debut Menchville performance, come out and support Menchville Rocks on Thursday, February 28 at 6:30 in the Menchville auditorium.