Menchville Blows Away the Competition at All-City Science Fair


Sandy Graham

22 Menchville projects placed in the All-City Science Fair, which was twice as many as other Newport News Schools.

Menchville students participated in the All-City Science, Engineering, and Technology Fair on Saturday, January 26. A total of 22 projects from Menchville placed in the fair, which was twice as many as all other schools in Newport News. The following students placed in their categories:

Animal Science

Luke Wilson – 1st place

John Cho, Taylor Jury, and Shelby Carroll – 2nd place

Cole Younger and Ben Long – 3rd place

Behavioral and Social Science

Emae Klompenhouwer – 1st place

Kathryn Nunez and Lily Ramirez – 3rd place

Dakota Overman and Jenna Oest – Honorable Mention

Elizabeth Ellis – Honorable Mention

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Isabelle Villarreal, Evan Isham, and Delaney Willis – 1st place

Leah Riley – 2nd place

Aaron Nipp, Zach Kempf, and Charlotte Acker – 3rd place

Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical

Charles Ippolito – 1st place

Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering

John Meier, Kaylie Manglicmot, and James Norfleet – 1st place

Environmental Science

Trevor Wells – 1st place

Medicine and Health

Hannah Dahl, Christiane Clark, and Grace Pradhan – 1st place

Karan Singh – 2nd place

Julie McCullough and Eric Young – 3rd place

Laura Reid, Helena Ly and Heather Crum – Honorable Mention


Matt Meier and Jacob Cirrincione – 1st place

Alex Kropp and Caitlyn Davis – 2nd place

Rebecca Cody and Morgan Merritt – 3rd place

Physics and Astronomy

Caitlyn Davis, Joshua Lawrence, and Ethan Ott – 1st place

Plant Sciences

Abby Rose and Ashley Morgan – 2nd place

A few Menchville students also won special awards for their projects. Matt Meier and Jacob Cirrincione won the Rebound Chiropractic award, Rebecca Cody and Morgan Merritt won the James River Rotary award, and Trevor Wells won the Stockholm Junior Water Prize.