Orchestra and Band Fall Concert


Carlie Stewart

(Photo from Menchville’s 2017 Winter Concert) The Menchville Orchestra and Symphonic Band will join forces to perform a night of spooky music.

Menchville High School’s Orchestra and Band fall concert is right around the corner.  The event will take place on October 25, 2018 at 7 pm in the school auditorium.  Menchville’s Chamber Orchestra and Symphonic Band will actually perform together to form a full orchestra for the concert.

Chamber Orchestra Director Anna Moyer states, “Full Orchestra has been around for hundreds of years. The Orchestra has strings, which have a certain color, and then the band has woodwinds, brass, and percussion, which add many other orchestral colors and sounds to the mix, and it’s always a wonderful blend of sounds together.”  The Chamber Orchestra and Symphonic Band have been rehearsing after school and during class to prepare for this event.

There are going to be many exciting twists and surprises during this year’s fall concert. Moyer said, “We haven’t done a fall concert in a couple of years, so this is going to be our first fall concert in a while.  Not only are we performing some spooky music for the season, but we will also be playing music from popular movies, such as Fantastic Beasts and Star Wars.  The string Orchestra is going to be playing music from more seasonal movies, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Twilight, and a medley of Fright Night tunes.”  

The Chamber Orchestra and Symphonic Band will be accompanied by Gildersleeve Middle School’s advanced Sea Hawk Orchestra.  

This is going to be a very interesting orchestral and band concert with lots of musical entertainment for this fall season. For those who are interested in supporting our Chamber Orchestra and Symphonic Band, please come to watch and listen to this year’s concert.  Entry is free, and the event will be held in Menchville’s auditorium. Bundtlets (tiny bundt cakes) from the Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery will be sold at the event for just five dollars; the proceeds support the Menchvillve Orchestra.  Come on out and show your school spirit, students- the Chamber Orchestra and Symphonic Band hope to see you all there.