Exam Schedule 2018

Monarchs, it’s already May and end-of-year exams will be here in the blink of an eye! Yes, the sweet freedom of summer is enticing, but you must get through those last few pesky tests before you can finish the school year. The full exam schedules can be found below, so crack open those books and start studying!

Senior Exams

Monday, June 4: 1st period (part 1) and 7th period

Tuesday, June 5: 1st period (part 2) and 6th period

Wednesday, June 6: 3rd period and 5th period

Thursday, June 7: 2nd period and 4th period

-All are full days of school, regular dismissal

Non-Senior Exams

Monday, June 11- 6th period (full day, regular dismissal)

Tuesday, June 12- 3rd period and 5th period (10:40 dismissal)

Wednesday, June 13- 2nd period and 4th period (10:40 dismissal)

Thursday, June 14- 1st period and 7th period (10:40 dismissal)