Hallo! Menchville Welcomes Greifswald, Germany’s Lord Mayor

Principal Bobby Surry speaking to Dr. Stefan Fassbinder, Lord Mayor of Greifswald and his delegation.

Kylee Baines, Student Advisor

Friday, October 6th, Menchville High School hosted Greifswald, Germany’s Lord Mayor and delegation in honor of German-America day. Dr. Stefan Fassbinder, Lord Mayor of Greifswald and his delegation arrived at the school around mid-day for a private luncheon with Menchville administrators and Christina Willetts Honors German 4 class    Dennis Zollicoffer (collaborative services) spoke to the group about Menchville’s Brain-Based learning initiative and the focus on developing lessons that move away from the typical lecture style format.

After the luncheon, Fassbinder and his delegation held an  informal Q&A session with Menchville’s German students and then went on a tour of the school,  visiting classrooms, the outdoor learning center, student garden, and tech building.

The group was here visiting schools in Newport News that helped pilot the youth exchange program with Greifswald in 2014, and to support an upcoming project that will involve longer stay opportunities scheduled for mid-March and mid-May, when Newport News students will participate in an 8-week exchange program in Greifswald.