Saying Goodbye to Cynthia Earl

Kelly Ritenour , Staff Writer

At the age of 53, Cynthia Earl, a finance teacher of fifteen years, will be retiring. Earl is excited to retire at a time in her life where she is still able to engage in activities and give back to the community. She plans to use her retirement to volunteer at the Menchville House, where she will put her knowledge of personal finance to use in helping women get back into the workforce. She also plans to spend more time with her family and help out with the Boys’ and Girls’ club.

 Earl doesn’t hesitate to point out that she is a stickler for the rules. “I still follow the rules no matter what because I like to set a good example,” she says. She wants to make sure her students enter and stay in the workforce. Students say she inspires them to “Follow the book.”

No matter how excited to retire, Earl says she will still miss her students. Her favorite part of teaching is being able to help students learn and be successful. “I won’t miss the testing,” she says. “I won’t miss the stress, I will not miss cell phones, I will miss them.”

Her students say they will miss her “weird mannerisms” most of all. Earl has always gone above and beyond for her students by helping them get jobs and driving them to places like the DMV. “She just does what she does because it’s what you’re supposed to do,” commented Mr. Surry, “She has a great work ethic, she has the desire work with children, to help them, and she’s proud of their accomplishments.”

Both the staff and students are so grateful towards Earl. She will always be remembered through the love she gave her students, and the ways she inspired her co workers. Just as Earl wishes her students a bright future in the workforce, her students wish her a bright future in her retirement.