Menchville Archery Team Hits Their Mark with Third Place Win at States


Back Row (left to right): Alan McGuire, Felix Arsenault, Eric Young, Chad Hicks, Chris Kessel, Joshua Lawrence, Ben Beal, Rachel Smith; Middle Row (left to right): Ethan Pittman, Chris Von Schmidt-Pauli, Andrew Ross, Curtis Merkel, Josh Cerny, Tyrek Lee, Arianna Gonzalez, Mohummed Taha, Courtney Hodge, Coach Cerny; Front Row (left to right): Juliana Cerny, Sheridan Paranuk, Hailee Ward, Samantha Crawford, Chloe Childress, Brittany Steele

The Menchville Archery Team placed third Saturday at the NASP State Archery Tournament on March 11th in Doswell, Virginia. Menchville improved their overall score by 77 points from last year, and claimed the third overall rank in their division.

The highest scoring Menchville archer at States was freshman Felix Arsenault, with a score of 286 out of a possible 300 and 19 perfect 10s hitting the center of the target. This is only Arsenault’s first year on the archery team, but since the regional qualifying tournament in January, he has improved his score by 28 points and more than tripled the number of 10s he shot. After the tournament on March 11th, Arsenault is ranked 5th out of 110 in the high school boys division, 2nd out of 33 in the 9th grade boys division, and 6th out of 319 in the overall boys category. Arsenault is an Academic Archer, a title which in the NASP organization denotes academic recognition.

Sophomore Julia Cerny once again earned top girls score on the Menchville Archery Team after taking third place at the State Archery Tournament last year. Cerny improved her score by 2 points from last year, shooting a 278 with fourteen 10s. She is currently ranked 9th out of 74 in the high school girls division, 2nd out of 25 in the 10th grade girls division, and 23rd out of 259 in the overall girls category. Cerny is also a second year Academic Archer.

Menchville’s Archery Team shot a total score of 3267 in the State Tournament, improving from a score of 3190 last year. This high score and a third place win at the tournament qualified the team for the 2017 NASP National Archery Tournament. In May the Menchville Archery team will travel to Louisville Kentucky to compete against over a hundred teams across the nation.

To prepare for this tournament, the Archery Team will maintain a strict practice schedule. Under the direction of Coach Cerny, shooters on the team attend practice three days a week in order to work on raising their scores for these tournaments. Said senior Josh Cerny on the practice, “Competition is pretty hard at Nationals, so right now we’re working on improving individual scores to boost the team score.” The Menchville Archery Team now has two months to prepare before taking their best shots at the National Archery Tournament on May 11th-13th.

Archer Scores:

Felix Arsenault- 286  Eric Young- 280 Juliana Cerny- 278 Chris Kessel- 278  Tyrek Lee- 274 Courtney Hodge- 274

Alan McGuire- 271  Chris Von Schmidt-Pauli- 268  Sheridan Paranuk- 267

Joshua Cerny- 265

Samantha Crawford- 264  Ethan Pittman- 262  Chad Hicks- 261   Rachel Smith- 260

Ben Beal- 259

Hailee Ward- 258   Mohummed Taha- 258  Chloe Childress- 258  Curtis Merkel- 256

Joshua Lawrence- 253

Arianna Gonzalez- 251  Josh Duncan- 246  Andrew Ross- 231  Brittany Steele- 186