Menchville Drama Presents “School House Rock”

The Menchville drama department is performing School House Rocks beginning on April 27-29. A generation of American kids grew up singing the catchy tunes that were a integral part of “Schoolhouse Rock.” The original TV series aired from 1973 to 1985; it was later revived with both old and new episodes airing from 1993 to 1999.

In the Menchville performance Samira Williams plays the part of Tiffany, a teacher getting ready for her first day of school.  Tiffany is very nervous and she has voices in her head trying to motivate her.

Tiffany’s personality will be revealed to the audience through the songs performed by an ensemble of twenty-six Menchville students. The songs include old favorites from the School House Rock series such as “A Noun Or A Person Place Or Thing,” “3 Is The Magic Number,” “Unpack Your Adjectives,” “Just A Bill,” “The Preamble,” “Do The Circulation,” “Conjunction Junction,” “Great American Melting Pot,” “Elbow Room,” “Interplanet Janet,” “Interjections.”

Behind the scenes, stage managers Taelor Janney and Lauryn Schaffer will make sure the performance runs smoothly.

Costumes for the performance  are very bright and colorful. According to Director Courtney Rice the costumes will create a” good vibe” for the audience. Watch for the bright glow in the dark dresses in Interplanet Janet.

The tickets are  $7 and performances are on April 27 and April 28 at 7:00 p.m. On April 29 it will start at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.  There will be a special performance at 10 am on the 28th for Newport News elementary school students.