Menchville Students Fly in Mary Poppins



“It’s a Jolly Holiday with Mary”

Thursday night was opening night for the Menchville Drama Department production of Mary Poppins. From chimney sweeps to flying nannies, the show was well-delivered and intriguing. Senior Jessica Wilbur, playing Mary Poppins, showed how to have fun in any situation. Bert, portrayed by Senior Josh Jones, stole the show, flying above chimneys and flipping in the air as he sang. Winifred Banks and George Banks, played by real-life couple Emily Dawson and Darin Cooper, were invested in their roles and showed the dysfunction in the Banks family. The production was put together by the stage crew, managed by Corben Henley and Hannah Knick. Without Mr. Pica, the director, the production would have been impossible. The set was beautiful and intricate, detail-oriented, and beyond compare, as it was worked on up until the last moment before the show by Jeff Dawson. In the closing scene, Mary Poppins flew away with the change of the wind.