The Lion’s Roar and Visiting Exchange Students Chat about School Differences

German Students Answer Questions on Fashion, Science, and Technology of their homeland.


Foreign exchange students Tobias Altmann, Johannes Gums, and Max Hottmeister talked with the Lion’s Roar staff about the differences between their German school ????? and Menchville.

What are the most popular sciences in your school?
Biology and Chemistry

How are you enjoying the atmosphere in our classrooms?
Teachers are more relaxed here. Our teachers are more older.   The school is better here. Classes are much easier.

What classes have you enjoyed the most so far?
PE, Music, and Art.

What’s your school’s cellphone policy?
We are not able to use cell phones in school. 

Most used brand?
Apple, Samsung, and Android.

How often are you on your phone throughout the day?
All the time just like in America! There’s really no difference in technology use between Germany and America.

What kind of technology is prominent in your school life?
SMARTboards, computers, laptops, headphones

What is your favorite technology?
Headphones, TV, laptops, all.

Most popular social media?
Facebook, Snapchat, Wattsapp.

How do fashions in American high schools differ from German High
Fashion here is a bit too open. 

What are the top brands of clothes you’d find in your high school?
Nike, Adidas, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch.

How’s your prom?
Their families go with them till 12 then the rest of the night they’re free.