Never Late for Class Again

You may never be late again if you follow these tips.


by Leo Cabral

It is possible for us to never be late to class? Are there different short cuts to use to get to our everyday classes on time? What is the best way to navigate the  congested hallways?  According to Mr. Joe Edwards (Assistant Principle –Operations) “the best way to control traffic is to make sure everyone walks on the right hand side of the hall and tries not to walk in the middle as much.”

It is difficult  during the day everyone is try to get to different parts of the building and when people try to walk in a direction that everyone is not, there can be a conflict. Edwards also stated that,  “The halls are normally the most crowded in the morning when school first begins and after lunch when everyone is trying to get to class.”

Here are some ways to avoid the busy crowds during those times of the day. Use the crossover and walk towards the English hall and through the new wing.

Another way is  to go up the stairs and through the hallway to bypass all of the heavy traffic down stairs. The last way is to go out the double doors next to cafeteria 1 and make a left and that should take you to the English hall without getting stepped on by a crowd of people.