The Three Musketeers

Three Menchville students invited to play in showcase game.

The Three Musketeers

Malik Dixon, Ray Savage the 3rd, and Kalepo Naotala, Menchville’s football players, have been invited to play in the 757 Nike Classic on December 19th in Norfolk. The 757 Nike Classic is a football tournament for the top 90 high school seniors in the 757 area code. Being selected to play in this tournament is a great accomplishment because it helps these talented football players get the recognition they deserve.

Naotala, best defensive tackle on the Peninsula according to Recruit 757, says the accomplishment is “huge.”  Dixon and Savage were also excited to be invited.

They will be preparing for this event just like they would a regular event. Dixon says he will “go into it relaxed like any other football game”

“It’s a pretty good feeling (to be chosen as one of the top 90 players in the area) especially since I can play with my friend Kalepo that I grew up with.” says Savage.

Dixon hopes  ” to continue to play football in school and professionally.”   “My goal is to get a scholarship where I want and to get a good education,” says Savage.

These Menchville students deserve to be in this tournament. Kalepo will not be playing due to a torn meniscus, MCL, and ACL but these will not stop him from playing football in college and that does not stop his excitement about being accepted into this tournament.

Currently, Savage, Kalepo and Dixon are in the process of considering scholarship offers from several Division I schools.