How to Not Dress for Picture Day

Allison Scherner , Editor-in-Chief

It’s that time of the year again, Monarchs, where kids all around the area are having their pictures taken for a yearbook that will probably end up in the attic. While most students carefully plan their look for the camera, we’d like to offer some tips for  what not to wear on picture day.

Wear a hat – This is the best way to “throw shade to the haters”! Wear a big hat that shadows your face and hides your features. This is the best way to hide the fact that you stayed inside all summer getting pale or got a really bad sunburn that one day at the beach. Who cares if hats are against dress code, right?

Wear tons of makeup – Dress your eyes with the darkest colors you can find! The bolder the better! Raccoon eyes with running eyeliner are the biggest trend right now. Add a dash of foundation that is five times darker then your actual skin tone and blotch it all over your face. It doesn’t even matter if it’s blended or not.

Comb your hair over your face – Nothing says “I don’t care” like a dramatic comb-over. Take your brush and part the front and back parts of your hair over your face. This way nobody can tell what expression your making and so there’s no pressure at all to how your smile looks!

Wear something that is not dress code appropriate – Nothing speaks more to administrative staff then a plunging neckline or a drug-related image on your t-shirt. By wearing it in your yearbook picture, everyone can see it and realize how rebellious you really are. Who cares about getting written up for it?

Same color background – Forget wearing camouflage, plan ahead and wear the same color as the background you choose to stand in front for your picture. This makes you look ten times smarter and tells everyone that you took the time to think ahead for Picture Day! If you want to go the extra mile, you can dye your hair the same color as well!

Make a funny face – Stick your tongue out when the cameraman says “cheese” or recreate The Thinker pose and look into the camera with the most bored you look you can possibly give. Just think of the essay you’ll have to write once you walk back to class and it’ll come naturally. You could also just simply talk through the whole photo. The open-mouth look tells everyone how friendly you are and how you’re open to talking to anyone about anything.

Tilt your neck in an awkward direction – The cameraman will automatically tell you “look here” and “look there” but just ignore them. Look off into a completely direction whether it be the ceiling or over to the person patiently waiting off to the side to have their picture taken after you. Add a blank look in your eye for dramatic effect.